Okay so I know I haven’t written anything on my blog for ohhhhhh *checks watch* about eight months…. Buuuuuut I’m back!!

First I want to apologize! My school work totally sucked me right in and I disappeared from the internet.

I promise I will start posting some stuff again!

AND here is a dog that is shocked that I have come back



Back to School! (FINALLY)

So school is starting in one week and four days. I am unreasonably excited to go back to school and have no life again. I say “no life again” because last year I had two jobs and was on course overload (which means more than five courses) so I didn’t get to be very social outside of classes and studying. Yes class and studying is a social activity and no I am not a pathetic.

I’ve been working all summer and was getting tired of my job. I can finally go back to school and do something new and learn more about my goal profession. I had so much free time over the summer and I am so extremely BORED.

BUT I have already gotten a job set up for the school year. My summer employer may call me because they need an extra hand (they are welcome to as I can do their work from home). But I am still looking for a second sure-fire job.

I am applying all over the place to try to find a second job. I do hope that my summer employer also asks me for help, although I am also on course overload this semester as well. So I am hoping for three jobs on top of six courses? I guess that could be seen as a little crazy. I suppose it is but I’m a workaholic so it’s not really a surprise that I want to be so busy.

Well I guess we’ll see what happens next….


My Brain Does What?

The one I want to talk about today is called 6 Absurd Gender Stereotypes (That Science Says are True). When I read this article I was really surprised at what was proved true!

Take a read of the article before you keep going and it’ll make a little more sense.

You read it? GOOD let’s go….

Ok so I can handle not parking perfectly straight in a parking space. I’m ok with the fact that men can think in 3D better than a woman can. This is because of testosterone….. so yes gay men that have less testosterone will also have a hard time parking straight. I totally agree that men are slobs and they stink (sorry Boyfriend).

But I really don’t like that they titled #3 “Women are Wimps” it kinda pisses me off actually….. sure the science behind it explains that women have more nerve endings in their bodies and will feel the same action, say a knife cut across your palm, more acutely than a man will. But don’t call me a fucking WIMP!! Just because we feel pain more acutely than men do does not mean we are wimps!! Of course everytime I say “just because we feel pain more acutely” I feel the need to rage even more…..

Let me just finish that part and say that women can be tough too! We may just have to fight through more pain to do it!

Apparently there are no pictures of wimpy women on google….. I couldn’t find a single one. Good on ya girls!!

Oh and that thing about child-birth? Where our bodies build a wall between us and the pain? THAT’S GOOD TO KNOW!

As a woman myself I think I am one of the quieter ones. But still it’s cool to know that I process what Boyfriend just said about my dress with both sides of my brain….. While he sits there with his one-sided brain believing that that was the end of the conversation…. poor Boyfriend.

You know Boyfriend really gets a raw deal… I got two fully functioning X chromosomes while Boyfriend gets an X chromosome and his weird friend who can’t see colour one-fourth of the time. And that’s why women have 104 words for colour while men have ROY. G. BIV going for them. How nice for them.

The last thing that this sciency article proved was that women are unmistakably always the lightweight in the relationship!! Men have more water in their bodies and that means their drinks are watered down! They also have more of the stuff that breaks down alcohol! So alcohol will hit women harder than men. But here’s the kicker…

Women have to take double the pain medication for them to get the same amount of relief as a man would from a single dose of medication!

So half the alcohol and twice the pain meds? Thanks “mother” nature…. bitch.


Garfield #5

I received this comic strip via email from gocomics.com. They host many daily comic strips.

Chocolate has got to be my dirty little girl not much of a donut person myself….



I got 163 views of various pages on my blog yesterday and wanted to thank everyone for taking a look! This is a big accomplishment for me.



Why “I Don’t Have Time” is a Lie

This article is a freaking kick in the ass.

It shows us how lazy we all are!

The article tells us that what we actually mean when we say we “don’t have time” for something. The author tells us instead to say “I haven’t made it a priority”. After this phrase exits your mouth you’ll realize just how feeble that sentence sounds.

Make things a priority!!If you want to work out but you also want to hang with a friend that evening after you get home from work, then make those things a priority! Make it work!! Get your friend in on the work out or hang out with them afterwards, they will understand if they are a friend!

This article showed me just how much I put things off. Now I pick my ass up and go and get stuff done!

What Steve (the author of the link) says in this piece is ridiculously true and I can’t believe I haven’t seen or heard of this before. It really made me think about my “priorities”.

Give it a read!

What do you think have you made anything a priority after reading the article?


Bad Days (as in multiple)

So this has been a terrible few days.

As of right now I have 12.5 days of work left in my work term….. or a week and a half for those who don’t do numbers.

Last week on Friday (yes FRIDAY of all days) my day started by dropping blueberries on my kitchen floor several times. I then dropped a few more things and spilled my coffee. I finally got into the car and started driving to work. I was on the highway when I realized that it was reduced lanes for road work so it took my three times as long to get to the other side of town. I then followed the-slowest-driver-to-ever-exist to work.

Later at work when my boss came into the office we realized something tripped my boss’s extreme bitch mode. We don’t know what it was and likely we never will. But it meant that our Friday was a living hell and she was a She-Demon from the depths of Hades, which meant that my shitty morning was going to extend to a shitty day.

I had no work to do but after my coworkers had talked to Boss there was no way I was going near her. So I just sat at my desk and tried to help out the girls as their moods became increasingly darker. Their moods affected my mood and by mid-afternoon there was a fairly large black cloud over my group’s cubicles.

Luckily Boss had to leave in late afternoon. After she left we could relax a bit but Friday definitely solidified my coworker’s decision to quite at the same time that I finish my summer term.

That was Friday…. At the moment it is Wednesday and shit hasn’t gotten better, Boss is still unrealistic and bitchy and I want to leave more than ever.

At least I’m not going back to that group next year; I’m getting out for good in two and a half weeks!

And I continue to drop things….


Garfield #4

I received this comic strip via email from gocomics.com. They host many daily comic strips.

Kind of how I feel about my blog….. Maybe one day soon there will be some sort of alien invasion or something to do with Stargate… (Stargate is a tv series on Space for those that don’t know).



Food, Eating, Pleasure and Obesity!? by Coffee Addict

This post is by Greta. Her blog is called Coffee Addict. This is an awesome post and really got me thinking about my habits as well as Boyfriend’s!


I know I always used to say I don’t want to waste any food! Then I would down the last morsel of food. This post and Greta’s article definitely made me rethink that attitude.


Read and ENJOY!


Coffee Addict

Yesterday after having the most pleasurable coffee time with my friends I’ve stumbled on an article based on a new study that caught my eye and my imagination “Pleasure eating triggers body’s reward system and may stimulate overeating.”

Yikes.  Now, we need to appreciate this phenomena if we want to eat well and avoid obesity? As otherwise we’ll get used to those rewards, seek them out and, most likely, misinterpret feelings that cue us to eat.

According to the study, if you eat something, like a piece of pie or an ice-cream cone because the taste is appealing while your body does not need calories for fuel, your body emits chemical reward signals.  Uh oh!

That means that you teach your body to reward you for unnecessary eating and eventually, for overeating.

You know I often talk about kindness, self-care, and tenderness toward self as vital aspects of eating disorder…

View original post 446 more words

Garfield #3

I received this comic strip via email from gocomics.com. They host many daily comic strips.

I have so many friends with this EXACT mentality….. ENJOY THE COMIC!


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